Freshman, new meat

Put to the test to see if they can handle it

Handle the pressure, anxiety, tests

And not just the written ones.

Are they up for it?

Will the weak fall and never come back up?

Or are they the strongest ones,

Because they learn how to pick themselves back up.

Are the ones who come in as the strongest,

The ones to fall the hardest?

Not up to the challenge.

Too much work and not enough play.

The load just keeps piling

Working hard and still falling short.

When is enough, enough?

When can I no longer hold myself up?

I do crossfit, but my arms aren’t strong enough to carry myself for this long.

Am I alone in this?

Does anyone hear my pain, feel my pain, absorb my pain?

Is my pain not like an earthquake, most powerful in the center, but sending ripples.

Does it not keep growing and toppling down the walls I built.

Causing a tsunami of tears.

Drowning any last surviors, any last strength left

Can anyone hear me?

My whimpers as I lay defeated.

Unable to bring myself to salvation.

I shiver, wet, tired, alone…

I keep trying to drag myself along the damp concrete,

But there’s no one for miles.

It’s just me.