Is shutting down the solution?

It’s been over six months since we’ve been in this lockdown. It definitely hasn’t been easy, especially since we haven’t seen any signs of change from our government. First they said stay inside, it’ll get better. Then wear masks, it’ll get better. News flash that was over six months ago and nothing has changed! I get it, we want to put public safety first, but how far does public safety go when most of our freedoms are completely stripped from us? If a vaccine isn’t predicted to come for another couple years, are we really going to live like this for years?

Firstly, I’m not saying we should open up everything completely and go back to life before Covid, but should we really being doing the same thing we have been for 6 months that clearly hasn’t been working, wouldn’t some call that insanity? Many will blame Trump and say it’s all his fault, but honestly it’s not completely. Take California for example, our governor has taken very strict precautions for months and our cases are still very high, so maybe closing up everything isn’t the solution?

Secondly, we’ve been focusing so much on the lives lost due to Covid, but not the ones lost by the Covid shutdown. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses have gone out of business. People have been filing for bankruptcy, unemployment, etc. Women of color(WOC) and the LGBTQ+ community are among those who are at greater risk. Many WOC families depend on the female as the main breadwinner. With many who have lost their job (especially since WOC make up a huge percentage of our labor force), these families are in more need than ever. Also, there are many LGBTQ+ members stuck home with their homophobic families. They’re being emotionally and even physically abused. It can be terrifying being in your own home unwelcome but also unable to escape. Depression, drug overdose, and suicide rates have sky-rocketed. Does anyone wonder if these rates supersede the death rate? And which rates weigh more importance?

In the beginning, it made sense to shut everything due to our lack of knowledge to this virus, but it just doesn’t anymore. People need to go work, children need to go to school, and with the proper precautions. If proper precautions are made and those who are more at risk stay at home (with accommodations to their situation), then we can be keeping people safe and getting back to normalcy. I’m not saying this just to be selfish and because I’m bored. I’m bringing this up, because just as much as the shutdown saves lives, it takes lives too.

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