Teenage Identity Crisis

Everyone talks about the mid-life crisis, but what about the teenage identity crisis? I can’t be the only going through this, right?

I’ve currently been going through a lot of cognitive dissonance and feeling lost. I know this is normal and most people my age feel the same way, but I don’t know how to get out of this hole. We are told we are adults now, and we should have an idea of what we want to do and what path we want to take. But what if we have no idea what we want to do?

Here’s the dilemma: When we’re younger, our identity is shaped by everyone around us: our parents, family, peers, friends, teachers, etc. We just believe we are what everyone tells us who we are, but as we grow older we realize we are not that anymore. Some parts of that identity stick and other parts fade away. When we’re in that transition phase (where I am), where we realize that some identities don’t fit, but we don’t know what to replace them with, we feel scared and lost. We no longer know who we are, and what we truly believe. The problem is that it takes time to find out who you are and your true beliefs, and there is an overwhelming amount of options!

In the end, I have to allow myself to sit with this uncomfortable feeling and continue to ask questions. This is not a question with a quick and easy answer; it’s a journey. One that people much older than me are still pondering on. Just continue being curious and open-minded and the answer may eventually come to you If not, you can always ask professionals!

Some parts of our identity are scary to accept and can have negative repercussions, like disapproval from our family and friends, depending on your family values and culture. Take your time discovering yourself; you are in no rush. Share who you are when you are ready and confident. Most importantly be brave by being true to who you are. Good luck!